Introducing Non-Invasive Measurement of Cardiac Output, VO2 and FRC in Critically Ill Patients

Enhance the reliability of critical care decision-making based on proven inert gas rebreathing technology

InnoCC is a Danish medical device company developing technology with the potential to improve patient treatment in critical care units by measuring CO, VO2 and FRC non-invasively. The core technology is the well-proven and accredited Innocor® system that is installed in major hospitals’ cardio-pulmonary testing departments around the globe. The InnoCC technology will allow healthcare professionals to measure critical hemodynamic values without having to stress patients unnecessarily as well as to obtain true values of VO2 in the cath lab to determine CO more precisely than by the use of table values. The InnoCC products are still under development but prototypes are sold for research use and clinical testing.


Gas Exchange Methods

InnoCC is working with various non-invasive methods for hemodynamic, metabolic and lung function measurements.

Inert gas rebreathing is used for determination of cardiac output. During a rebreathing test, the patient rebreathes an oxygen-enriched mixture containing very small amounts of two physiologically inert gases – one blood soluble, nitrous oxide (N2O), and one insoluble, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). The test lasts about five breaths or app. 15 seconds. During this time, the blood soluble gas is dissolved in the blood perfusing the ventilated parts of the lungs. The concentration curves of the inert gases are measured, and the soluble gas washout rate, which is proportional to cardiac output, is calculated. The blood insoluble gas is measured to determine the lung volume and to account for other factors that affect the distribution of the blood soluble gas. The validity of inert gas rebreathing is documented in an impressive number of peer reviewed scientific papers.

Various methods are used for continuous determination of oxygen uptake (VO2) and derived parameters. These are particularly optimized for use in mechanically ventilated and pediatric patients.

Lung Clearance Index (LCI) is a physiological test that measures ventilation distribution in the lungs – a sensitive marker of airway disease, and the Functional Residual Capacity (FRC). Ventilation inhomogeneity is assessed using the multiple-breath washout (MBW) test performed by rapid washin of a small amount of the inert tracer gas SF6 by rebreathing followed by washout from the lungs during tidal breathing.


Gas Analysis Technologies

The inert gases nitrous oxide (N2O) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), and CO2 are measured continuously and simultaneously using Innovision’s proprietary gas analyzer technology based on photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy, which combines fast response with unsurpassed sensitivity, accuracy and inherent stability. The oxygen sensor uses laser diode absorption spectroscopy, meaning no limited life parts. A Nafion sampling tube ensures optimal humidity removal, and  no tedious calibrations are required.


About InnoCC

InnoCC is a spinoff from Innovision, a leading specialist in medical instruments using advanced gas exchange methods for non-invasive cardio-pulmonary measurements. The goal of InnoCC is to develop devices and modules for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output, oxygen uptake, and functional residual capacity.

Three major university hospitals in the US and one hospital in Germany are testing prototypes, which are based on the proven Innocor® technology (FDA approved and CE marked) of Innovision and deliver stable and valid results. Novel research is conducted within the field of cardiology and the InnoCC prototypes are available for research use pending approval from respective national regulatory authorities and local boards.

In the intensive care units, the InnoCC system introduces non-invasive measurements of Cardiac Output and VO2 in ventilated patients (even newborns).

In cath labs, InnoCC offer health care professionals to complete their Direct Fick equation when calculating Cardiac Output with a reliable, non-invasive VO2 measurement.

InnoCC welcomes all interest in the development, test and approval of our devices. The plan is to introduce the products as stand-alone devices and OEM modules during 2017.



InnoCC is backed by three Danish venture capital firms and the company Innovision.


WELFARE TECH INVEST is a commercially driven fund founded by the Region of Southern Denmark and administrated by Accelerace Management with the purpose of accelerating the growth of Southern Danish companies through injection of capital and resources. The capital of the fund is DKK 95 million.


DTU SYMBION INNOVATION is Denmark’s largest and most effective pre-seed venture capital investor (innovationsmiljø) established to finance and assist talented entrepreneurs in developing the companies of the future.


SEED Capital is a venture capital company that finances and assists competent entrepreneurs based in Denmark and Southern Sweden developing Life Science, IT, and other companies of the future.


INNOVISION specializes in the design, development and production of medical instruments using advanced gas exchange methods for non-invasive cardio-pulmonary measurements. Their products are based on many years of specialized research and development and are unique in providing the additional option of testing during exercise.

The Team

InnoCC is made up by complementary competencies within the medical device field spanning from deep clinical and technology insights to broad and international business development exposure. Specialized tasks have been outsourced to a broad network of validated suppliers.

  • PC_sh_296x250
    Peter Clemensen
    (+45) 29 65 55 65 (GMT+1)

    Peter holds an MSc degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. He has 25 years experience with respiratory gas analysis, advanced gas exchange methods and design and development of medical products for use in clinical environments and manned space flights. Peter also has extensive experience with regulatory approvals and is the author of several issued and pending patents.

  • JGN-sh-296x250
    Jørgen Grønlund Nielsen
    Medical Director
    (+45) 20 78 91 40 (GMT+1)

    Jørgen is a MD and PhD in Gas Exchange Physiology. He founded Innovision in 1986 and two other Danish companies (Damec and PAS Technology) that have both been sold to industrial investors. Jørgen has published 40 papers in peer reviewed journals relating to various gas exchange methods including mathematical modelling and in vivo validations. Pubmed entrance is J. Grønlund. Jørgen is also the author of several issued and pending patents.


Interested in learning more about InnoCC and our technology? Contact our main office in Glamsbjerg, Denmark (GMT+1) or our US distributor Innovision in Atlanta (GA), USA (GMT-5).